1. Well, Stan, I absolutely cannot believe they sent you back! Before I got my visa, I got the third degree here at all the British airports – always being taken to the back and searched, from panties to dental pick, not one item in my luggage left unscathed. It was humiliating, degrading. I could go to Greece, to Spain and be waved on through, but not in England. In England, I, a middle-aged, blonde-haired, blue-eyed American, was treated like a terrorist. (Uh, did someone forget to tell them that we are allies?!) I asked once at the airport, “Does my blue passport trigger you to push some secret red button under the counter that causes me to get searched?” The reply was “No, madam, our searches are random.” To which I replied, “Why the f*** do I get searched EVERYTIME then?!” No comment, of course.

    When I finally got my spouse visa, the tables were turned. When I go home now, I am treated like a traitor going through the passport check. “Why have you been in the UK so long?” “I married a British citizen. I live there. I work there.” No smiles or kindess as you said about your experience. They look at me like they’d like to take me out back and call out the firing squad. And why? Because I dared to love someone in another country. And not just ANY country, but Britain, home of our greatest allies and friends. Oh, really??? Says who? Well, the Americans and British, of course! But you’d never guess it in a thousand years in a real-life situation, on a day-to-day basis. Our friendship and honoured alliedness seem to exist only on some virtual plain that cannot be touched in the real world.

    On my first visit to the UK, I remained here for six months with Colin as a tourist. I went back home for about seven weeks and came back in August 2004. They gave me the third degree here, but they let me in because I told them Colin and I were getting married and that I already had a return ticket for January. They held me while they checked past records of what Colin and I had told them on a return trip from Crete the previous May. Yes, indeed, we had told them we planned to marry. They granted me an additional six months, but told me that I would not be able to come back again after that unless we were married and had the proper visa sorted. We married in October. When I left in January and then returned in February, I had the spouse visa.

    My advice to you is that if you love Raven, get that divorce as soon as possible and marry her. You’ll probably still have to jump through fiery hoops to prove it’s legit, which just goes to show that humanity is still so unevolved as to deny true love a chance. It is part of life now…the internet has made it so. The doors are open wide now to all countries, to all races. Love across oceans is inevitable. It’s just too bad that good people like you and I have to go through the pioneering hell of it all. 😦


  2. Hi Sherri and thanks for the comment.

    Yes it does seem absurd to me that we are treated this way. I was even asked if I suffered from mental illness when he saw my blood pressure tablets. But the thing that really got me was the prior email I sent the Border Patrol. I put all my details in, passport no. etc and the dates I had previously stayed in the USA. I asked about my return and was told that it shouldn’t be a problem.

    This trip has left me out of pocket by not much short of £800 apart from the heartache of being so close to Kit but yet so far. So what do you think my chances are of recouping any of it? Very little I should think…lol


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