A Look At The News

And this after I mentioned it on FACEBOOK yesterday. It seems the head of the International Climate Change Commission is well qualified with a degree in ‘Economics’ and a former career as a railway engineer. It also seems that he is the director of a company that obtains international government grants for…….wait for it…..study into global warming. Follow the dollar and find the truth. People are just so gullible about global warming……
Yes the climate is changing but that is what climate does. We suffer global warming AND cooling. We ‘big’ ourselves up that we cause this but the fact of the matter is that the small amounts of pollutants we put into the atmosphere are fairly tiny compared to natural sources. Greenhouse gases are mostly produced from natural events such as plant decay, animal emissions and volcanic eruptions….
Yes we do need to clean our act up with regard to pollution of seas and rivers. We also squander this planets natural resources far too wastefully but as to global warming. Well it’s not caused by us. It happens folk. Get used to it..
This is in THE DAILY EXPRESS today.

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