1. Hi,
    Well, you certainly chose an opinion that takes courage to express, lol, so good luck with the comments. I congratulate you on your willingness to exercise the freedom of speech, and to have a personal opinion!
    Have a nice day.


  2. Thanks DK and I think that we don’t so much need courage to express deeply held feelings but rather hope that people have minds capable of at least thinking without automated replies. We have to question everything continuously even our own beliefs and we must possess the courage to admit that others may have valid opinions and we can also be wrong.. xx Stan R.


  3. This is from an old post of mine but I think it is still valid for this thread…

    I am actually I suppose a very Spiritual person but my God is a loving God unlike the Christian/Muslim or similar deist inventions.
    My God lives in us, in me, in you and we are part of him..as he is also a part of us
    He is all around us in the smallest bacteria and in the largest Galaxy, the microcosm and the macrocosm is God
    My God has no earthly church and if he were able to he would laugh at people gathering together to worship him and ask his forgiveness..
    This is what I would imagine my God saying
    I gave you life and free will. If you think you do wrong then ask forgiveness of yourself and the person you have wronged not me.
    I do not want you to worship me in churches of stone or other construction but rather see me and glory in creation as you look to the beauty of the sky, the beauty of this earth, and the beauty of a lover’s touch or a child’s smile.
    Churches are sterile places full of false promises and false priests.
    My temples are the forest glades with branches as vaulting.
    My temple is in your body and your mind..worship yourself and you worship me.
    My God is a kind God. He does not punish. He does not ask us to seek his forgiveness..
    For as I said didn’t he give us free will? So why should he punish us if we exercise it?
    Yes I think we should be looking towards heaven but not for the dry empty promises of Christianity which denies and punishes love and human passion..Not for the cruelty and misanthropy of Islam which seeks to kill its own Gods creations…but we should be looking towards heaven as our inspiration. To reach out and explore and to make Heaven ours as we ARE God if we want to be.
    Stan R…


  4. Hi Stan 🙂
    Just wanted you to know I stopped by. My God is a lot like the one you described above. I but maybe not completely. I have always, always respected the beliefs of others. I think ‘religion’ is what is killing God…so many horrible, hate-filled things have been done in the name of ‘religion’. Most of the ‘religious’ people wouldn’t hang out with the same people Jesus did. I say most..not all. See, Jesus chose to hang out with the people who needed him the most. To me he was a hippie, kind of like myself. And I certainly mean no disrespect in saying that. But I know He’s there. I feel him, he talks to me. It’s a spiritual thing for me. I enjoy reading what other people think , their views…and respect them, ask the same in return. 🙂
    That’s me, lol. I shall read on…


  5. Hi,
    Sorry I didn’t see this comment ’til now. My fingers are healing and can’t type much. I was typing all I wanted and then they got worse. Doc said to take a break.
    I enjoyed what you wrote about what your God would say. It was beautiful.
    I hope you are well.


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