One comment on “IN OHIO Part 1.

  1. This is very enjoyable reading to me, as my husband and I moved here to Ohio just last August….and won’t be able to leave quick enough! We are Texans, born and raised in San Antonio. If you are from down South, this place is pretty much foreign to us, like you! We pronounce route ‘root’, like you…I say ‘underwear’ and not intimate apparel.

    The snow has pretty much blown my mind. Being from south Texas, we don’t see much of this stuff…last big snow we saw was back in 1985 and it did, indeed, shut the entire city down. I believe we had 2″ over a one-week period. OMG, when they told me about the snow, I was SO excited. I prayed and prayed for it to come! I waited patiently and kept praying and WHAM! Boy did it come!!!! So, yep…it’s my fault! I enjoyed it at first, but it became the reason for my hibernation! I couldn’t even open the front door, much less get out and play! Of course, I was taking care of my 2-year old grandson, so had plenty to do inside. He did get to go out with his Papa several times (because Papa has been in this stuff, having lived in Michigan for years)…me, I’m just a whimp when it comes to cold weather. In Texas, we have two seasons…Hot and Hotter. BUT, we are ready to head south again. We came up here for a job offered my hubby and thought we’d give it a try. Not working for us!! Ready to go home!!!


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