One comment on “FEAR OF DREAMS.

  1. Stan … I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes as I read this, even before I got to the bit where you said you did. Very strange.

    In Jungian dream interpretation, a shadowy figure of the opposite gender is your anima, or rather, a subconcious part of yourself that you aren’t aware of at most other times. It appears in dreams as a female, as it is your female qualities, good or bad, that exist within a man. Women have the male qualities, or animus [and I’ve had similar dreams before, so I know how frightening they are]. I’d suggest googling Carl Jung and anima / animus as I’m not a psychologist so can’t remember all the details! But you might find some insight into your nightmare if you read about this topic.

    Confronting something “sinister” outside of ourselves is bad enough … but from the inside …? That, in my experience, is always far worse, but more of a necessity.


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