2 comments on “KARMA AND ME.

  1. You always look for comments well here is mine Matthew put nothing in whilst the other person did – you mention children – Matthew’s children did not matter to him in fact only Matthew mattered to Matthew I know this person well. Matthew may be trying to live by Karma now but that was not the case then perhaps Matthew should be more honest in his comments and writing as for Peter well he and Matthew must be twins for I think Peter expected too much too soon and again is painting a picture not quite true. If people are going to be honest and write about such things perhaps they should think and reflect on the true picture and not paint what they wish people to see. We all learn something everyday from life and I have learnt never support selfish people again


  2. Thank you Lorraine and never let it be said that I do not post contrary views to my own as I do unless they are insulting.
    Matthew did try but I guess his partner was too busy watching soap opera’s to notice. Also whenever Matt tried to discuss problems he was usually told to ‘shut up’ or ignored for the most part. It does take two as you seem to not understand.
    As for Peter? You do not know him or the reasons for my inclusion of him as an example except in the sketchiest detail and so are unqualified to comment in this case.
    Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your comment.


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