2 comments on “Old Man.

  1. this is such a beautiful poem, and he had so much to give, I hope some people saw it while he was alive. having no living grandparents now I am proud that I never looked upon mine with anything but love and respect, the poem filled my eyes and my heart.


  2. That is a beautiful poem!
    But let’s not just be reminded of the old. Think about it … How many times during the day do you talk to others and just carry on a conversation without looking into their eyes … to see into their soul or feel their spirit? We are all bound together by a thin thread called humanity. We should strive to be all we can be and also try to remember that everyone has joy as well as pain in their life. It doesn’t take much to leave them with a smile. It costs nothing yet could mean a world of difference to someone else.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing work of art.


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