2 comments on “Why Am I an Atheist?

  1. In so many ways, what you have constructed here encompasses what Christianity was in the first century after Christ. The institutionalization of the ‘church’ and political power it took on in the hundreds of years after His death have introduced so much hate, anger, chaos and idolatry into the current ‘church’ which seems to be more of a country club than a beacon of light. I don’t recall Christ ever constructing a forty million dollar building to house the thousands of people that followed Him around, nor do I remember anything about tearing people down, or hating them for the things that they had done. I find more truth about God in your statements, even in light of the stated atheism, than in most of what ‘Christianity’ actively professes today….. How’s that for irony?


  2. This Jeff fellow makes a very good point. Jesus had awesome ideas, and was all about unconditional love and forgiveness, and doing the right thing for ourselves and the people around us – not about expensive churches or fear or fire and brimstone or hate mongering.

    You might be an atheist, as I am an existentialist pagan into buddhist philosophy – but we are living as Jesus wanted people to live. Ironic indeed.


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